HDB SERS flats that are less than five years old (i.e. Near MOP) that are on the resale marketplace in SORA Condo

People usually choose the HDB to route when they want to buy a new HDB apartment. They might also consider Sales of Balance Flats or Open Booking. These sales are highly competitive so it can be difficult to get a number.

You can choose a BTO flat with a five-year Minimum Ownership Period (MOP). The flat is still in excellent condition, even though it is just five years old. SORA Condo available units can be found in the official website too.

A SERS replacement device is another option that is often overlooked. This unit has already reached its MOP. It’s usually around two to three year old by the time it reaches its MOP.

Replacement units for SERS start their MOP earlier…

When first reported the S$1.4million resale transaction to purchase the SERS replacement flat, many people were puzzled as to why it had entered this market so early. The unit was only three years old at the time it was resold.

It was possible to sell the unit so early because, unlike typical BTO flats that are sold quickly, the MOP for these replacement units would begin earlier than the usual.

A homeowner affected by SERS has the option to purchase a replacement unit at a designated location. If you choose to purchase a unit at one of these sites, the MOP is either the following or the earlier.

  • 7 years after the date you select the replacement flat or
  • 5 years after the date of key collection

These owners basically get a head start in their MOP. If the replacement site takes five year to build, the owners can live in their unit for just two years before selling it on the open market.

This is why many people think that getting SERS is similar to winning the lottery. Owners can sell their flat earlier than BTO flat owners because they have a longer lease and the flat is younger.

…but not for the replacement units of SERS announced starting 7 April 2022

99.co discovered last month that HDB had changed the MOP criteria for people who are looking to replace their flats through SERS.

Source: HDB

The MOP for SERS projects that are announced after 7 April 2022 will be five years, starting at the key collection date. This is comparable to the typical BTO flat.

HDB also announced the Ang Mo Kio SERS on 7 April 2022.

This change means that owners of these SERS replacement apartments cannot sell their flats earlier. These flats will only be available for resale five years after completion, just like typical BTO flats.

There are still some SERS replacement projects that start at the flat selection date. Flats in these projects are eligible to be resold within two years of their Temporary Obcupation Period (TOP).

Here are some projects to consider if you’re searching for a HDB flat on the resale marketplace. We are limiting our search to properties less than 5 years old. The TOP date must not be earlier than 2018.

SERS Replacement Flats are on the resale marketplace

1. City Vue @ Henderson

TOP: 2018

Flat types: 2-room and 3-room; 4-room and 5-room.

The City Vue@ Henderson project is our first on the list. It serves as the replacement site to Redhill Close SERS. Two blocks used to occupy the City Vue site, which was later made available for SERS in 2007.

Image credit: Surbana Jurong

It’s just four years old, with the project being completed in 2018 and the lease beginning in 2019. The project started to see resale transactions in November 2017 due to its earlier MOP start. It has also recorded millions-dollar sales, with the most notable being the S$1.4million record transaction.

Its convenient location is what makes these units so popular. It is a 9-minute walk from Redhill MRT, and Tiong BahruMRT.

Sky parks and sky bridges can be found on the 28th floor of the development. The highest floors offer unblocked views of the city from all angles.

2. Blk 53 Strathmore Ave (Forfar Heights).

TOP: 2019

Flat types: 2-room and 3-room versions. 4-room.

Blk 53 in Forfar Height shares a name and was originally built to replace the Tanglin Halt site-specific emergency response system (SERS) victims. This SERS is part of HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland initiative to revitalize the Dawson region.

The units are just three years old, with the block being completed in 2019. We expect that flats in this block will soon be available for resale once they have completed their MOP.

It is a short walk from Queenstown MRT and within walking distance of IKEA and Mei Ling Market & Food Centre.

You will also find a PCF Sparkletots preschool, a cafe, and a minimart within the development.

3. Dawson Vista

TOP: 2020

Flat types: 3-room and 4-room versions. 5-room.

Dawson Vista provides a replacement site for people who have been affected by the Tanglin HST SERS.

This development, like the other SERS replacement sites located in Dawson is easily accessible from Queenstown MRT.

Dawson Vista is also a project that is closer to Dawson Place. You can walk three minutes to the shopping center, which includes Subway and a variety retail shops.

Dawson Vista is located right opposite SkyVille@ Dawson. This building is most well-known for its rooftop garden that offers stunning views of the city. You will find a Sheng Shiong on the ground floor as well as a kopitiam.

Alternativ, you can also find a café and a minimart at Blk. 78B in Dawson Vista.

We love the Alice in Wonderland playground, but that is what we like best about this project.

Image credit: 99.co.video team

4. SkyParc @ Dawson

TOP: 2020

Flat types: 2-room and 3-room; 4-room; 5-room.

SkyParc@ Dawson, as its name implies, is one of the HDB projects that embodies HDB’s “Housing-in-a-Park” vision. It is similar to SkyTerrace and SkyVille. It has unique features such as sky gardens and terraces that create a park-like setting.

It also features an eco-corridor that runs across it. You will find mature trees which provide shade and insect hotels that allow the area’s biodiversity to flourish.

SkyParc @ Dawson: The Drilled Logbee Hotel (Or, as Natalie stated in the video above: the AirBeeNBee. Image credit: 99.co team

This development is ideal for families with children. It also has an E-Bridge pre-school (part of Etonhouse International Education Group), which is located within the development.

You can also find a minibar and a cafe, appropriately named SkyCafe. The cafe is pet-friendly.

The nearest supermarkets are the Sheng Shiong at SkyVille (three minutes walk) or the NTUC Fairprice Dawson Place (five minutes walk).

5. SkyOasis @ Dawson

TOP: 2021

Flat types: 2-room and 3-room; 4-room and 5-room.

SkyOasis@ Dawson is the latest project under the “Housing-in-a-Park” theme. It is also the last SERS replacement site for Tanglin Halt SERS, having been completed last year.

SkyOasis, like the other SERS replacements in Dawson, has commercial and community facilities such as a minimart and a cafe, and a childcare center.

Queenstown Primary is located right next to the project, making it ideal for families with children.

6. SkyResidence @ Dawson

TOP: 2021

Flat types: 2-room and 3-room; 4-room; 5-room.

SkyResidence@ Dawson has the largest SERS replacement project for Tanglin Halt SERS. It contains 1,217 units.

You will find larger commercial amenities within the development such as a supermarket or Margaret Drive Hawker Centre. The hawker center is expected to open in August of this year.

This HDB project is also close to the nearest recreational facilities in Queenstown. Queenstown Public Library, for example, is just five minutes walk away. The development is also within a 5-minute walk of Queenstown Stadium, and the Swimming Complex.

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