November 2022 HDB BTO overview: Bukit Batok, Kallang/ Whampoa, Queenstown, Tengah, Yishun and SORA Condo

Come 23 November, we have 9,655 units up for balloting during the November 2022 HDB BTO sales launch, including SORA Condo. This is almost double of what we had in the August 2022 BTO! On top of that, we’ll also have the Sale of Balance of Flats (SBF) happening at the same time.

As a residential community, SORA Condo launch price is ideal for families. There are many amenities and activities for families with young children to enjoy. These include parks, schools and a medical center. Moreover, Lentor Hills Estate is close to several interchange stations on TEL, ensuring quick and convenient transportation to other parts of the city. Likewise, the upcoming Cross Island line will connect eastern and western Singapore.

Another thing to note is that the balloting period for this launch will run for nine days until 1 December, instead of the usual seven days.

November 2022 HDB BTO overview

Which November 2022 BTO are Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) projects?

National Development Minister Desmond Lee has earlier announced on Facebook that we will have three PLH projects in this launch. As we’ve expected, two BTO projects in Queenstown (Ulu Pandan Banks and Ghim Moh Natura) and Kallang Horizon will fall under the PLH model. This is because of their proximity to the MRT and city fringe location.

Which November 2022 BTO are offering 5-room flats?

The BTO projects in the non-mature estates – Bukit Batok BTO, Tengah BTO and Yishun BTO – are all offering 5-room flats.

Just like in recent launches for the past few years, the projects in the central mature estates in this launch won’t be offering 5-room flats.

Except for Queensway Canopy, this is another sign that they’re PLH flats. None of the PLH projects launched so far have 5-room flats.

Which November 2022 BTO are located close to the MRT?

We have two BTOs that will have direct access to the MRT.

These are Kallang Horizon BTO (located right behind Kallang MRT) and Tengah BTO along Tengah Garden Avenue (located next to Hong Kah MRT).

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Summary of each November 2022 HDB BTO project

**Disclaimer: Walking, public transport ride and driving durations are based on Google Maps estimates. Actual times may vary.

Bukit Batok November 2022 BTO (West Glades @ Bukit Batok)

Location: Along Bukit Batok West Avenue 2 and 5
Classification: Non-mature estate
Number of units: 790
Flat types: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room

Price range for a 4-room flat: S$309k – S$392k
Estimated waiting time: 4 years 5 months
Estimated completion date: Q1 2028

We like that this Bukit Batok BTO is around a nine-minute walk to Bukit Gombak MRT, which is next to Bukit Gombak Sports Hall. A few minutes walk from the MRT is Bukit Batok Town Park, where you can find Little Guilin.

Plus, there’s a nature park close to the BTO, located at its north.

Various amenities are within walking distance, with two neighbourhood centres around a 10-minute walk away. There’s also Le Quest integrated development, where you can find a mall with various F&B outlets.

Another thing that stands out to us is that there’s Dazhong Primary (and an MOE Kindergarten at its premises) just across Bukit Batok West Avenue 2. Perfect for those planning to have kids!

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The first thing that caught our eye is that Kallang Horizon is right behind the Kallang MRT. So residents here will have direct access to the MRT. On top of that, there will be a bus interchange within the development, located next to the MRT station.

Currently, the Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal is located right across the street.

This BTO is also around a 20-minute walk to Sports Hub, where you can find various sports and recreational facilities.

Here’s also where you get to live by the river, with the BTO located along Kallang River.

On the other hand, given that it’s located right behind an MRT and in the city fringe, this BTO is a PLH project. Which means a 10-year MOP and subsidy clawback. If you don’t want any of those restrictions, you might want to consider going for a resale flat in the area at Kallang Trivista.

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Queenstown November 2022 BTO (Ulu Pandan Banks, Ghim Moh Natura and Queensway Canopy)


  • Ulu Pandan Banks: Along Commonwealth Avenue West (at Dover Forest)
  • Ghim Moh Natura: Along Ghim Moh Close
  • Queensway Canopy: Along Queensway

Classification: Mature estate
Number of units:

  • Ulu Pandan Banks: 1,330
  • Ghim Moh Natura: 991
  • Queensway Canopy: 996

Flat types:

  • Ulu Pandan Banks: 3-room and 4-room
  • Ghim Moh Natura: 2-room Flexi, 3-room and 4-room
  • Queensway Canopy: Community Care Apartment, 3-room and 4-room

Price range for a 4-room flat:

  • Ulu Pandan Banks: S$546k – S$725k
  • Ghim Moh Natura: S$516k – S$696
  • Queensway Canopy: S$551k – S$695k

Estimated waiting time:

  • Ulu Pandan Banks: 5 years 11 months
  • Ghim Moh Natura: 4 years 5 months
  • Queensway Canopy: 4 years 11 months (Community Care Apartments), 5 years 3 months (3-room, 4-room)

Estimated completion date:

  • Ulu Pandan Banks: Q3 2029
  • Ghim Moh Natura: Q1 2028
  • Queensway Canopy: Q4 2028

Queenstown is one of the two estates in this November 2022 BTO launch with three projects.

And we’re finally seeing the first Dover Forest / Ulu Pandan BTO being launched! Plans for public housing to be built at Dover Forest was first announced in December 2020.

Ulu Pandan Banks BTO

Ulu Pandan Banks BTO is located at Dover Forest. This BTO is a PLH project. 

Ulu Pandan Banks BTO is probably the most anticipated project in this launch. Because here’s also where you’ll get that highly-coveted unblocked view, with the landed housing estate at Holland just across the Ulu Pandan Canal.

Northwest view from the 30th storey of Block 32 Ghim Moh Link (Ghim Moh Edge). Ghim Moh Edge is around 500m away from Ulu Pandan Banks. Photo: Kyle Leung/

What’s more, this BTO is around a five-minute walk from Dover MRT.

It’s also ideal for small families with school-going kids. The Ulu Pandan Banks BTO is near many schools, such as Fairfield Methodist Primary and Secondary, New Town Secondary, School of Science and Technology, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Anglo-Chinese JC, Singapore Polytechnic and NUS.

Even though this is one of the largest projects in this launch with 1,330 units, we expect this BTO to be pretty popular.

Ghim Moh Natura BTO

Another exciting project to be launched in Queenstown is Ghim Moh Natura. It’s around a five-minute walk to Buona Vista MRT and The Star Vista, and a 15-minute walk to Holland Village. We also notice that this BTO is located south of the Ghim Moh Ascent BTO, which was launched as a PLH project in the May 2022 BTO launch.

Map of Ghim Moh Natura BTO, which is another PLH project in this launch.

Given their proximity to the MRT and Holland, both Ulu Pandan Banks and Ghim Moh Natura BTO are PLH projects.

Queensway Canopy BTO

The third Queenstown BTO in this launch is located along Queensway. It’s also next to Queen’s Arc BTO that was launched in the August 2021 BTO.

Given that the development is around a 15-minute walk away from Queenstown MRT, it won’t be a PLH project.

Queensway Canopy BTO is located across Alexandra Hospital. 
But what stands out to us is that Queensway Canopy will have a block of 245 Community Care Apartments, which is a form of assisted living public housing. Offered to seniors aged 65 and above, these flats come with a package that residents have to subscribe. Services include 24-hour emergency monitoring and response, and basic health checks. So this BTO caters more to the elderly.

We also notice that Queensway Canopy BTO is located just across the street from Alexandra Hospital. In line with the plan for Queenstown to be a Health District, here’s where residents can expect better design and community programmes to support their health and well-being.

For instance, there will be communal spaces on every floor of the Community Care Apartment block. Located beside it will be a Social and Wellness Hub, which will have an Active Ageing Centre, ActiveSG gym and community gardens on the rooftops.

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Tengah November 2022 BTO (Garden Waterfront I & II @ Tengah)

Location: Along Tengah Garden Avenue

Classification: Non-mature estate
Number of units: 2,077

Flat types:

  • Garden Waterfront I: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room
  • Garden Waterfront II: 4-room and 5-room

Price range for a 4-room flat: S$307k – S$397k

Estimated waiting time: 3 years 4 months
Estimated completion date: Q1 2027

These Tengah BTO projects are located next to each other along Tengah Garden Avenue, with Garden Waterfront II bounded by Tengah Boulevard.

The bigger project is located next to Hong Kah MRT (which should be ready in 2027) on the Jurong Region Line (JRL). So besides Kallang Horizon BTO in this launch, residents here will have direct access to the MRT.

Another thing we notice is that both Tengah BTO are located along the proposed Tengah Pond, so residents will get to enjoy waterfront views. At the same time, there’s the PIE across the pond. So expect some noise pollution here.

Other than that, we like that these projects are located close to the border between Tengah and Jurong. This gives you easier access to amenities in Jurong – not just its malls, but other amenities like schools and the Jurong Polyclinic.

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Yishun November 2022 BTO (Aranda Breeze, Vanda Breeze, Miltonia Breeze)

Location: All are along Yishun Avenue 1 and Avenue 10
Classification: Non-mature estate
Number of units:

  • Aranda Breeze: 699
  • Vanda Breeze: 961
  • Miltonia Breeze: 1,334

Flat types:

  • Aranda Breeze: 2-room Flexi, 4-room and 5-room
  • Vanda Breeze: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room
  • Miltonia Breeze: 2-room Flexi, 4-room and 5-room

Price range for a 4-room flat:

  • Aranda Breeze: S$276k – S$326k
  • Vanda Breeze: S$270k – S$336k
  • Miltonia Breeze: S$248k – S$312k

Estimated waiting time:

  • Aranda Breeze: 4 years 7 months
  • Vanda Breeze: 5 years 7 months
  • Miltonia Breeze: 5 years 6 months

Estimated completion date:

  • Aranda Breeze: Q2 2028
  • Vanda Breeze: Q2 2029
  • Miltonia Breeze: Q2 2029

Like the November 2022 Tengah BTO projects, these three Yishun BTO projects are all located in the same area. All three of them are located along Yishun Avenue 1 and Avenue 10.

This Yishun BTO is near Yishun Street 53 and Yishun Dam. 

Aranda Breeze and Vanda Breeze are both located along Yishun Street 53, with Aranda Breeze located closer to Yishun Dam.

This Yishun BTO is close to Yishun Avenue 6. 

Miltonia Breeze, located next to Skies Miltonia condo, is one of the largest projects in this launch with 1,334 units.

This Yishun BTO is next to Skies Miltonia condo. 

But what caught our eye is that these BTO sites are all located along Orchid Country Club Golf Course. And across the golf course is the Lower Seletar Reservoir.

In our article about the redevelopment of golf courses here, we highlighted that the lease for Orchid Country Club will end in December 2030. After which, the lease cannot be renewed.

And in the Long Term Plan revealed in June, the site is designated for housing.

So this means that in the short term, at least until 2030, residents here can get unblocked views of Lower Seletar Reservoir. But after that, we’ll probably have more housing at the site of the golf course, potentially blocking the view of the reservoir. As stated in the site plans of the BTO the golf course site has been reserved for future high-rise development.

Accessibility-wise, these projects score low marks. Compared to the other BTO projects in this launch, both Yishun BTO are around a 15-minute bus ride away from Khatib MRT and Wisteria Mall.

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How about the February 2023 HDB BTO?

For now, we know that around 4,410 will be available in the following estates:

  • Jurong West: 3-room, 4-room
  • Kallang/ Whampoa: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room
  • Queenstown: 3-room, 4-room
  • Tengah: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room

How about the May 2023 HDB BTO?

HDB has also announced that 3,800 to 4,800 units will be launched in the following estates:

  • Bedok: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room, 3Gen
  • Kallang/ Whampoa: 3-room, 4-room
  • Queenstown: 3-room, 4-room
  • Serangoon: 4-room, 5-room
  • Tengah: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room

We’ll do an overview of these projects at a later date. So watch this space for more updates from us!

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